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Campus Map

Master Plan

Campus Master Plan
UIC’s Campus Master Plan is a guiding framework for the physical development of the built campus environment.  The UIC Campus Master Plan provides recommendations for both near-term and long-term improvements that support and reinforce the Strategic Priorities of the University.

Classroom rendering

Campus Architecture & Learning Environments

Campus Architecture
The Campus Architecture unit within the Office of Planning, Sustainability and Project Management serves as the steward of the physical campus at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  This responsibility encompasses the design of facilities, grounds and signage, and coordination of exterior art, historic preservation, and campus master planning efforts by ensuring that renovations and new developments adhere to the campus master plan, design standards and enhance the physical environment.

Campus Learning Environments
The Campus Learning Environments unit within the Office of Planning, Sustainability and Project Management creates and renovates learning spaces to enable active learning and enhance student success. The goal of each learning space project is to foster student engagement and thereby improve student learning outcomes. Projects are both research-driven and user-focused to support the University’s strategic priorities.

West Campus building facade

Facility Information Management (FIM) & Archives

Facility Information Management
The Facility Information Management (FIM) unit within the Office of Planning, Sustainability and Project Management maintains an accurate record of campus space, facilities and supporting infrastructure. FIM provides relevant facilities-related information for issues concerning space management, allocation, and utilization. The inventory is a comprehensive database documenting approximately 15 million square feet of gross space and 13 million square feet of assignable space in 178 buildings, featuring over 44,600 separate rooms. FIM conducts various levels of inventory updates and space surveys to keep current the floor plans, reported functional utilization, and occupancy for all spaces which are either owned or leased by the University.

Facility Archives
The Facility Information Management (FIM) unit within the Office of Planning, Sustainability and Project Management houses UIC’s official Facility Archives that support campus-wide efforts to expedite access to past, present and future records related to University’s facilities. UIC’s archive collection includes construction drawings, project manuals, material specifications as well as minutes, correspondence, memoranda, financial records, real estate records, published materials, photographs, sound recordings and other files. Available drawings include architectural, electrical, mechanical, civil, plumbing, and structural plans for each building. In addition to facility records, FIM also maintains a variety of official University maps including Interactive, Visitor, Facilities, Accessibility and Campus Boundary.

Campus space

Campus & Space Planning

The Campus & Space Planning unit within the Office of Planning, Sustainability and Project Management helps to ensure the development of the Campus Master Plan, coordinate facility and space planning activities and consults with campus leadership groups on other planning initiatives.  Campus & Space Planning ensures that long-range plans for UIC and individual colleges are properly aligned. This is accomplished by analyzing and interpreting the physical impacts of proposed strategic plans.   Services provided by Campus & Space Planning include campus master plan development, facility & property analyses, space utilization analyses, metrics development, space programming for the renovation of existing space and new space, coordination of campus space committees, and processing and managing requests for space.

UI Medical Center

Capital Planning

The Capital Planning unit within the Office of Planning, Sustainability and Project Management works to prioritize and plan for the maintenance of campus buildings while also liaising with academic units to facilitate the improvement of academic and student-facing spaces. Capital Planning develops an annual, short and long term plans that outlines the university’s priorities for capital renewal and new construction, as well as takes into account any plans to decommission buildings. The capital plan aims to meet the needs of individual colleges while also addressing the campus fabric in its entirety. It considers opportunities for funding and makes recommendations about how to allocate resources to best address the needs of university community as a whole.

UIC-Halsted Blue Line Stop

Transportation Planning

The Office of Planning, Sustainability and Project Management is responsible for transportation planning. As the university grows, it has also expanded its footprint – often onto surface parking lots – and UIC is exploring the management of university growth in relation to parking demand. The Transportation Planning unit works closely with the Parking Services unit to monitor parking demand and changes in commuter patterns over time; to implement programs that support alternative modes of commuting; and to partner with other stakeholders across the Illinois Medical District to enhance campus access. The unit is also responsible for biennial commuter surveys that track transportation trends longitudinally.