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Sustainability Planning

PSPM is responsible for coordinating sustainability initiatives on the campus by facilitating and participating in planning, coordinating implementation, tracking, assessing, and reporting progress. Guided by the Climate Action Implementation Plan (CAIP), PSPM works to achieve the UIC Climate Commitments in order to become a carbon neutral, zero waste, net zero water and biodiverse campus.

PSPM also provides support to the Chancellor’s Committee on Sustainability and Energy (CCSE).

Climate Action Implementation Plan

The Climate Action Implementation Plan (CAIP) is a refined cost-effective portfolio of solutions that will achieve the Carbon Neutral University goals of the UIC Climate Commitments by 2028. The CAIP also addresses the Zero Waste University, Net-Zero Water University, Biodiverse University and Transformative Scholarship University goals via a variety of additional strategic solutions that will be supported, developed, invested in, implemented, and reevaluated on a 5-year incremental basis through 2050.

UIC Climate Commitments

UIC’s five Climate Commitments are an update of the goals of the Climate Action Plan and includes a resilience commitment and the recommendations of To Green and Beyond.

  • Carbon neutral university
  • Zero waste university
  • Net zero water university
  • Biodiverse university
  • Transformative scholarship university

Plans and Standards

The Chancellor’s Committee on Sustainability and Energy creates plans that are then put into official standards.



Reports on some campus sustainability initiatives