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PSPM functions as the steward of UIC’s physical campus. Its planning and design services include development of plans and strategies for the use of space and providing design guidance through assessments, design standards and the renovation of learning spaces.

Planning and Design Services Heading link

PSPM provides the following planning and design services:

Design Standards

  • Develops design standards for buildings, grounds, and signage

Design Review Committee

  • Directs review of major capital projects which will significantly alter the physical fabric of UIC’s physical campus

Learning Environments

  • Renovates 180+ centrally-scheduled classrooms to enable active learning and support student success.
  • Creates informal learning spaces, or “oases,” throughout academic buildings.
  • Collaborates with the Center for the Advancement of Teaching Excellence (CATE) on furniture and audio-visual equipment in classrooms
  • Develops design guidelines for formal and informal learning environments
  • Assesses the performance of centrally-scheduled classrooms

In alignment with the Space and Capital Planning policy:

  • Directs the annual Space and Capital Plan process for all 16 colleges and ten major units
  • Manages the space request process
  • Develops guidelines and standards for key space types

Master Planning

  • Directs UIC’s master planning process and direct implementation of master plan projects
  • Evaluates site selection for projects not included in master plan
  • Maintains UIC’s deferred maintenance backlog
  • Prioritizes deferred maintenance projects
  • Develops UIC’s annual state capital request
  • Conducts a biennial transportation survey
  • Develops transportation and mobility strategies