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PSPM provides a resource and single point of contact for colleges, departments and administrative units for all construction and renovation projects. Its project managers serve as UIC’s official representative and coordinate with outside professional and contracting services responsible for design and construction. A broad overview of the project delivery process can be reviewed in the Project Delivery Overview. Project requests should be submitted through FMWeb.

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PSPM provides the following project management services:

Contract Administration is staffed by professionals who are responsible for managing and overseeing the architectural, engineering, surveying and construction contracts for campus construction and remodeling projects. Contract administrators develop programs to ensure contractual requirements are clearly developed, documented, executed and completed.

Project Managers is organized into five multidisciplinary teams that oversee the design, remodeling, and construction of capital projects – those with construction budgets of more than $250,000 that typically include new buildings, additions to existing buildings, major renovations, site development, and infrastructure improvements. In addition, they oversee the planning and completion of non-capital remodeling projects – those with construction budgets less than $250K. Project Managers prepares plans, estimates, and specifications, manage construction and act as the liaison for project development and completion. Its goal is to deliver quality projects on schedule, within budget and in compliance with Illinois procurement laws.

Engineering and Commissioning staff members have backgrounds in architecture and engineering and are responsible for completing technical and engineering design reviews, ensuring code-compliance and adherence to UIC’s building standards and delivering total building commissioning for all construction and remodeling projects. Engineering and Commissioning also oversees various energy conservation initiatives and provides building systems technical support.

Inspections and Assessment is comprised of professionals with diverse backgrounds in construction administration who are responsible for ensuring quality in every capital and non-capital project, from design through warranty phase, including schedule, cost, and workmanship. Inspections and Assessment provides expertise in construction administration and conducts building assessments to ensure that UIC’s facility recapitalization requirements are understood and well documented.