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Capital Planning

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PSPM Planning and Design works to prioritize and plan for the maintenance and renewal of state-supported campus buildings to facilitate the improvement of academic, research and other student-facing spaces.

Through the co-development of the annual space and capital plan, Planning and Design outlines short- and long-term plans for capital renewal and new construction and considers any plans to decommission buildings. The annual Space and Capital Plan aims to meet the needs of individual colleges and units while addressing the campus fabric in its entirety. It considers opportunities for funding and makes recommendations about how to allocate resources to best address the needs of the university community as a whole.

Deferred Maintenance Overview Heading link

UIC Deferred Maintenance Backlog by Priority - 2022

UIC has a collection of buildings on its campuses that date from the late 1800s up to the present day. This diversity in building stock serves the university well but also presents challenges.  At present, UIC’s deferred maintenance backlog includes over 800 projects with an estimated cost of more than one billion dollars. To help address this backlog, UIC senior administration has allocated funds for annual Repair and Renovation (R&R). The university also receives Academic Facilities Maintenance Fund Assessment (AFMFA) funds, which are collected and administered by the University of Illinois System. Together, these funds generate over $26 million per year.

Repair and Renovation (R&R) Funds Heading link

R&R fund commitments by project type from FY07 to FY22

Repair and Renovation funds were carved from individual unit budgets beginning in 2012. This provides an approximately $12 million allotment annually for deferred maintenance with a focus on buildings that are owned by the state of Illinois (versus auxiliaries or revenue-supported facilities.)

Academic Facilities Maintenance Fund Assessment (AFMFA) Funds Heading link

AFMFA fund commitments by project type from FY07 to FY22

AFMFA funds, which comprise the other dedicated funding for deferred maintenance at UIC, are separate for the UIC, Rockford, Peoria, and UIC Law (Loop) campuses. The fund priorities for the Rockford and Peoria campuses are directed by their primary user, the College of Medicine; UIC Law makes their own determination about use of AFMFA fees. AFMFA is a fee assessed to all undergraduates, graduate, and professional students to address the deferred maintenance backlog in academic facilities. The AFMFA funds yield approximately $14m annually and projects are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Address Infrastructure Deficiency
  • Have Noticeable Impact on Learning Environment
  • Benefit Significant Numbers of Students
  • Priority Given to Heavily Utilized Buildings
  • Complement Programmatic Projects
  • Result in Economies of Scale
  • Results in Cost Savings (Energy, Operation and Maintenance Costs)

FY23 Space and Capital Plan Heading link

The FY23 Space and Capital Plan represents the space and capital planning cycle completed throughout the 2022 calendar year and documents the strategic priorities, space needs and capital projects of each college and major unit. Developed using input from each college and unit, this plan represents the campus-wide facility space needs and funded capital projects for the forthcoming fiscal years.

Access the FY23 Space and Capital Plan