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Project OASIS Guidelines and Usage Policy

The mission of Project Oasis is to create and support co-curricular study spaces for UIC students. These informal learning environments are strategically located to complement classrooms and other formally structured learning environments.

Initial Project Goals and Funding Heading link

Initially, these spaces were targeted for leftover, marginal, and peripheral spaces in east campus classroom buildings. Some spaces were already used for vending, study carrels, or benches but were cold and uninviting; others were just extra floor area, either part of or adjacent to circulation space. They were all in buildings with centrally administered classrooms, and thus served no single academic department or college. Thus, there was no particular unit that took an interest in fixing up existing areas or creating new ones. Early Oasis projects were funded in a variety of ways: personal contributions from concerned faculty and administrators and pooled funds from a variety of academic units were supplemented by relatively small contributions from the Office of the Provost. On the strength of improvements realized through those early projects, later Oases succeeded in securing funds from larger donations by alumni, and the provost continues to contribute as well.

Current Funding and Project Support Heading link

Project Oasis is a wonderful gift to the UIC students, made possible mostly through alumni donations. These are either small amounts given in support of the overall effort or larger amounts that enable a particular project to be realized. Small donations are used to help with non-construction costs. Large donations are sought based on the plans for a specific new Oasis and are then applied directly to the construction costs (either with a match from the provost or on their own) of the space they are given for. These donations are solicited in a cooperative effort between PSPM and the UIC Development Office for spaces serving the broadest UIC populations.

Project Oasis does not have any funds available to support the planning and construction of Oases that are developed within individual academic departments. However, PSPM is available for consultations on such projects and will help with design, funding opportunities, and construction management as needed.

Oasis Use Policy Heading link

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